Who are we?

How great it is to know that with a little help and few sacrifices, you can change a life of someone who otherwise would never have chance in life. When we formed Smile With Us, we sought to find a way to help children that got no business of been on the streets, especially when the unthinkable happens like losing both parents to a dreadful virus like EBOLA in an area that was devastated by 10 years of civil conflict. After all it can be difficult to know what to do, especially from afar and to know how to best help the people that really need it.

It is said that “we all are born equal” but we do not have equal opportunities. Some do not even get to see their fifth birthday, while others are lucky or opportune to see that, and are in school, they find it difficult to get good food, health and education or even go pass grade 6. Your next question is WHY?

These children are willing to go to school but the facilities are not there. Those with parent go extra miles to ensure that their children are in school; some of these parents live under a $1 a day, and if it is so hard for those with parents, what about those without parents? It is said that “when the strong help the weak, we all become stronger”.

This is where we come in filling what humanity is all about “BE YOUR BROTHER AND SISTER’S KEEPER” “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF” your neighbor could be someone in a far away countries or continent. We facilitate and support children that got no business of been on the streets, making sure we keep them in school by providing food for school, learning materials, and for children without parents or guardians we bring HOPE to them.

At Smile With Us, we believe that success is measured by the positive impact we create, and I encourage you to help us to do just that. Please support this worthy effort and click on the “Donate button, or contact us using the information in "Contact Us" to find out how you might help these orphans


Improve Quality of Life

SMILE WITH US is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the transformation of lives in rural areas, where poverty is caused by lack of basic necessities.

Restore Hope

Our purpose is to restore the dignity and livelihood of these people by providing them with proper health facilities, learning materials and nourishment. Our focus is a holistic approach to devices of poverty in the community. By doing so, we create a happy and healthy society.

Self Sufficiency

We use our three part approach, FOOD, EDUCATION and HEALTH to sustain development transformation in the following ways. Improve Quality of Life By providing improved health facilities for children and adults, reduction of and eventual elimination of student truancy, encouraging a higher level of education, and reducing financial constrain burdening parents.

Our Team